Technology solutions

Optimizing investments in technology requires a top-down perspective to improve governance, a bottom-up approach to strengthen process, and the best and brightest organization to execute successfully. When these three dimensions are addressed simultaneously, valuable and sustainable improvements can be made.

Progility Partners can help you to align your investments in technology —including leveraging cloud computing solutions— with business strategy and prioritize resources to produce the highest return.

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Technology Strategy

Solid technology strategy provides for dependable, scalable systems by which a company achieves operating leverage and sustains profitable growth. It is a critical component of a company’s overall strategic operating plan that provides for the requisite infrastructure to meet customer expectations, take advantage of marketplace opportunities, strengthen competitive position and improve overall shareholder value.

A comprehensive technology strategy provides the necessary framework to ensure that all technology investments support the company’s mission. Progility Partners can help you to develop a technology strategy, including transition opportunities to cloud computing platforms, to improve the quality, reliability, and scalability of your systems and computing infrastructure which will improve your ability to achieve your strategic business objectives.

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Software Development Processes

Establishing standards and modernizing/streamlining software development processes can significantly improve the predictability, quality, and cost of developing software in your organization. While many companies have made the shift to Agile Software Development over the past few years, there are nearly as many firms which have implemented their own style or flavor of Agile, where they have modified or even eliminated a step or two from the standards-based processes in exchange for perceived ability to increase velocity.

The challenge with these different ”styles” of Agile is that the modifications made to the standards-based Agile process often leads to subsequent inefficiency and quality issues. And whether your company develops software for internal use or to create a product to sell, this can have a negative impact on predictability and cost.

Progility Partners can help you to assess and improve your software development processes, resulting in the highest quality software that is delivered on time, within budget, predictably, and reliably.

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Technology Alignment

Technology projects do not always meet the needs of the business, and investments in technology do not always pay off. In fact, a recent study by the Standish Group, found 18% - 30% of all IT investment is wasted. With global IT spending in excess of $3.4 trillion, companies waste nearly $1 trillion annually. The key to reducing this waste is aligning technology investment with business strategy and ensuring ROI expectations are realized and included in your organization’s financial operating plan. Progility Partners can help you to design, implement, and monitor processes to make sure your IT investments are always in sync with your business strategy, and empower your organization to effectively execute against that strategy.

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IT Governance and PMO

Companies must have the ability to understand and mitigate risk while effectively managing and measuring the performance of IT projects. This requires a strong, enterprise IT governance framework to gain and maintain proper control over projects and systems that create, store, manipulate, and retrieve your company’s critical business data. Progility Partners can help you to establish and/or improve your IT governance framework and project management office organizational structure that facilitates the implementation of corporate strategy and ensures compliance with Board and reporting requirements.

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Technology Selection

Choosing the right technology from a multitude of solution providers is vitally important to the success of your organization. Defining requirements, sourcing potential vendors, evaluating vendor responses, reviewing demonstrations, documenting gaps that need to be addressed and, ultimately, choosing a solution provider and implementation partner can be a consuming and complex project. It requires a well-defined strategy, a disciplined process, effective research, the right tools to manage the information, a comprehensive set of decision criteria, and experienced project leadership to be successful. Progility Partners can help you to manage through the process of making the right technology selection so that you can effectively serve the needs, strategy and budget of your organization.

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Technology Enablement

Implementing and rolling out a new technology solution doesn’t have to be highly disruptive. To mitigate risk, minimize disruption and ensure success a comprehensive project plan is needed. The detailed project plan must include all aspects of the solution implementation: customer requirements definition, process definition and benchmarking, customization needs, configuration requirements, integration plan, data migration strategy, end-user training, system administrator training, a change management communication plan, and future support needs definition. Progility Partners can help you to develop, manage, and implement a comprehensive technology enablement project plan that not only mitigates risk and minimizes disruption, but also ensures a more rapid return on investment.